December 01, 2011

Medicinal Plants 1

Amaranthus viridis (Cheng-kruk)
It is an erect annual herb. Tender shoots are eaten as vegetable for improving eye sight. The stem paste is against snake bite. Leaf paste/juice is good against scorpion bite. 

Amaranthus viridis

Allium sativum (maroi-chanam)
It is an annual erect herb with bulbous stem, and cultivated for bulbils and extensively used in flavouring food, pickle etc. The bulb extract is bactericidal and antiseptic. Garlic oil is used as expectorant, stimulant and also against hysteria. Garlic juice is good in pulmonary diseases, phithisis, bronchitis, gangrene of lungs, whooping cough, and dyspepsia. It is also good to cure fever, piles, cough and leprosy. It is carminative, diuretic, stomachic, and alternative. Daily consumption can reduce hypertrension or high blood pressure. It is also uised in asthma, general paralysis, facial gout, sciatica pain, lumbago and rheumatism. It is also good as digestive, carminative, blood purifier and helps remove ringworm and scabies. It is used extensively as a food additive.
Allium sativum
Amaranthus spinosus (Chengkruk-tingkhang-panbi)
It is an erect or diffuse spinous herb.  The ground paste of the plant is used as an antidote to snake bite. The tender shoots are used in diarrhoea, galactogue to nursing mothers* and eczema. The root is good for menorrhagia and gonorrhoea.
Amaranthus spinosus
Alocasia indica (Yendem)
It is a stout coarse herb bearing green, triangular and saggitate leaves. Juice of the leaf is astringent and the rhizome is mild laxative. The juice can cure abdominal pain.
Alocasia indica
 Abelmoschus esculentus (Belendri)
It is a hairy shrub. The fruit extract is used as an Expectorant. The mucilage of the fruit and seeds are used in gonorrhoea and also in irritation of the urino-genital system. It is also used as vegetable.
Abelmoschus esculentus
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Jubakusum)
Plant is a shrub.  It is grown as ornamental in the garden and for making hedges. It is used in anti-dandruff shampoo. 
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Gossypium herbaceum (Lasing)
Plant is a shrub.  Leaves and flowers are used for dysentery, ear troubles, burn injury, scabies, inflammations.  It is used for making cloths, carpets, mercerized cotton and other cotton goods, woven products etc.  
Gossypium herbaceum
Mimosa pudica
Plant is a prickly herb. It is used in jaundice, sexual vigour and septic ulcer.
Mimosa pudica
Zingiber officinale (Shing)
Plant is a herb with tuberous and creeping rhizome. Rhizome is used for stomach trouble, expectorant and allergy. It is used as a spice to flavour curries. It is used in medicine as aromatic ingredients.

Tinospora cordifolia (Ningthoukhongli)
Plant is a succulent climber. Leaves are used for treating leprosy. 
Tinospora cordifolia
Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi)
Plant is an erect undershrub. Leaves are used for cough and ear-ache. 


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