More about Myself

Boo and Mama
I was born as a first child to my wonderful parents @ Uripok, Imphal (Manipur). I feel myself the most fortunate to have my two pretty sisters and a lovely brother. I grew up playing and fighting with them. They are my world, my everything.........

Nanao, Tombi and Bungo
Love u all a lot! 

'Sanjukta' is the name my parents gave me, that I like the most, but some people mistakenly changed  into 'Sanjogta, Sanjogita, Sanyukta'. Most of my school friends and college pals call me Sanju which sounds 'sweet' to me. I also love my nick name 'Naobem' and only my father calls  me 'Bemma'. 

I am kinda quite, sensitive and reserved personality. Interested in security and peaceful living, not interested in leading or controlling others. Loyal and faithful but very stubborn. Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Love to be original and creative.