December 31, 2011

Welcome the new beginning

Make an end is to make a new beginning

The year 2011 has been a fond year for me… I got far closer and attached to my parents, my sisters, brother and cousin bro. Though I had some bitter moments but this is the time I forget every bad memories of the past and start afresh a meaningful chapter of my life ahead!!
Through this year, I cultivated some good hobbies.. Enhanced my cooking skills. Though cooked a lot yet eat less and hence put off some kilos :), gain more responsibilities  and regards.. Interacted with new people, made new friends and got chance to meet up old friends who are staying miles away..
Visited some great places which I always yearn to be there once in my lifetime and naturally felt so great. Had celebrated each festivals of the year with full enjoyment. 

I have got loads and loads more to jot down here for a complete whole year period but I should be conscious that the readers might not get bored. So I just end up here with my best wishes for everyone out there..

May the coming year be a glorious one. Have a fabulous time ahead!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!! Cheers everyone!!

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